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Professional Mobile Crane Rental Services in Calgary

Mobile cranes can be used for the lifting of heavier things and moving them to other places. These cranes have a greater radius for transporting the goods to farther places. If you require mobile crane services in Calgary and the surrounding areas, get in touch with MN Truck & Crane Service Ltd. With us, you can be assured of reliable and efficient accomplishment of the taken project, within the stipulated time. We provide mobile crane rentals in Calgary for commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.


We carry different kinds of mobile cranes such as hydraulic mobile cranes, crawler cranes, and all-terrain cranes, to name a few. The hydraulic cranes are robust and are essential for constructing big projects such as building roadways, bridges, and more. Whereas, a crawler crane is convenient and self-propelled, which do not require any setup. But, compared to the crawler crane, an all-terrain crane is multifunctional. As the name suggests, it can move on smooth roads as well as off-roads.

Our mobile Cranes

There are various kinds of mobile cranes in our facility available to rent. You can take a look at some of them below.

50ton Mobile crane

50-Ton Grove TMS475
(Main Boom 84', Jib 31')

70 ton Grove Mobile Crane

70-Ton Grove TMS870 (Main Boom 110', Jib 31'+25')

60 ton Mobile crane

60-Ton Grove TMS860 (Main Boom 110', Jib 31'+25')

90 ton mobile crane

90-Ton Grove TMS900E (Main Boom 142', Jib 33'+22')

If you require any kind of mobile cranes for your projects, please call us.

History of Mobile Cranes

In the late 19th century cranes were generally not very movable. Some of the cranes were mounted on flat cars which could provide some kind of movement. Gradually in the 20th century the cranes were developed from being steam powered to petrol powered. The world also saw the first hydraulic truck in 1947.


Previously cranes used to carry additional booms, for increasing the height, which added to the operating cost. In the late 1950s, R.H Neal and F. Taylor added many features to the cranes. They incorporated the internal combustion engine, telescopic jibs, and additional booms into a single crane which made executing jobs much easier.


Then the Coles Hydra Speedcrane was made in 1962. It was modified with the 10-ton hydraulic boom which was followed by 30-ton “Husky” having a four-wheel drive. Later during 1976, Cosmos team created a 25-ton crane that had various added features in it.


Now-a-days mobile cranes have developed a lot, along with many convenient features embedded in them. We have some of these cranes in our facility, to help you with your construction projects and more. Contact us today for more information.

Count on Us

In addition to mobile cranes, we also offer boom trucks, flat deck service and accessories. Browse through our gallery to learn more about our rental equipment.

Call us today for mobile crane rental in Calgary.

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