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No matter what heavy equipment you are looking to rent, our rental consultants are here to help every step of the way. We make it suitable and simple to find the right construction equipment for you. For 30+ years, we have dedicated ourselves to safe and efficient equipment rental services. Over the past few years, we have developed into a dependable knowledge partner and total supplier. We would be happy to tell you more about working with a picker and boom truck.

Versatile Boom Trucks for Rental

A boom truck can perform multiple functions. It carries a hydraulic crane that can help lift heavy goods and place them in their intended place. Such trucks also carry a flatbed, which provides space to transport items from one place to another. The boom trucks can even lift workers to the top of electrical poles or a roofline, with the help of a personnel hoist attached to it. That’s why sometimes boom trucks are referred to as picker trucks.


When you need boom truck rental services in Calgary and the surrounding areas, you can rent it from MN Truck & Crane Service Ltd. All our trucks and equipment are well-maintained to ensure they are in good condition and meet the safety standards. Call us to book your rental today.

Picker Truck Rental in Calgary

Picker trucks also acknowledged as knuckle boom or folding boom cranes are among the most flexible types of mobile cranes. At MN Truck & Crane Service Ltd., our fleet of picker trucks have abilities and specifications that are suitable for many industries. Whether you work in construction, agriculture, oil and energy, or any other field that requires delivery and moving for heavy materials, our picker truck rental service is your go-to option. They are also used to securely lift and place equipment and personnel in high work areas such as building tops, posts and mobile towers. Book a picker truck rental service today.

Boom Trucks We Carry

30 ton manitex Boom truck

30-Ton Manitex (Main Boom 100', Jib 30'+26')

22' deck, 180-degree rotation
Optional 24' tilt deck trailer

35 ton Manitex boom truck

35-Ton Manitex (Main Boom 100', Jib 30'+26')

22' deck, 372 degree 
rotation Optional 24' tilt deck trailer

Manitex 25 ton - Boom Truck

25-Ton Manitex (Main Boom 92')

22' deck, 180-degree rotation

38 ton Manitex Boom Truck

38-Ton Manitex (Main Boom 100', Jib 30'+26')

360-degree continuous rotation

Advantages of Renting Picker & Boom Trucks


While boom trucks are used in many industries, from pipe-laying to fire and rescue, picker trucks can help expedite complex jobs by fitting into relatively small spaces. A boom truck uses its boom winch to recover or transport heavy items to inaccessible areas, whether a ditch, a hillside, or the top of a building. The picker truck can help lift and haul heavy construction materials such as wood beams and columns to substantial heights.

Buying or renting heavy equipment such as picker and boom trucks is a question you might face as a business owner. Here are some reasons why hiring a picker and boom truck is often a better choice than buying one:

  • Saves Money for Other Business Operations: Purchasing a boom truck can pose a financial burden, one which requires the profits of a good business year to afford. Your money is tied up until you have sufficient work that offers profitability. If you do not have enough jobs for the boom truck, it is better to rent it.
  • Offers Business Flexibility: Market volatility, recessions and demands of the customer are some of the factors which make flexibility necessary for any business. Hiring boom trucks enables you to respond to the decline or the regrowth of demand.
  • Eliminates the Maintenance Factor: Maintaining heavy equipment is a daunting task. But when you rent it, the upkeep of the vehicle is someone else’s responsibility.
  • Forget about storage and transport issues: Owning your trucks can be a logistical problem. While the equipment spends some time outside, you’ll ultimately need a place to store them securely. But, storage isn’t something you need to worry about while renting.

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We have a range of high-quality heavy load-bearing vehicles that suit varied construction needs. Our experts will be able to help you select the vehicle most suited to your project requirement. Call us today to learn more about our picker and boom truck rental services in Calgary, and the various vehicles and equipment we can rent. We believe in providing complete customer satisfaction to all our customers with our services. Our broad customer base across Calgary is a testimony to our efficient services.

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Our team of dedicated representatives is continually striving to provide boom trucks and pickers for rental in Calgary.


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