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Your Preferred Equipment Rental Service Provider in Calgary, Alberta

Trucks and cranes aren’t the easiest pieces of equipment to come by. Especially for smaller companies and smaller projects, investing in the purchase of your own truck or crane may not be worth it. For high volume jobs, renting a crane can be much cheaper than purchasing a new one. Renting offers the flexibility to switch on to a high-efficient crane, depending on the project’s needs.

At MN Truck & Crane Service Ltd., we offer affordable crane rentals in Calgary, AB. For over 32 years, we have been providing equipment rentals to both industrial and commercial clients. You can choose from our wide selection of high-performance cranes, including 50-ton to 70-ton models, based on your requirements.

Cranes, Boom Trucks, & More for Rent in Calgary

MN Truck & Crane Service Ltd. offers a large variety of equipment rentals in the Calgary area for our clients and their unique job applications and requirements. We offer:

  • Carry deck cranes: It is a small 4-wheel crane with a 360-degree rotating boom housed in the centre of the machine. The area above the wheels is a flat deck, ideal for loading and moving materials around a job site. 
  • Tractor trailers: A time and cost-effective semi-trailer, it is a combination of a tractor and a trailer. The uses include moving and towing heavy products and materials and delivering industrial and commercial goods.  
  • Mobile hydraulic trucks cranes: It is heavy-duty equipment used for lifting and hoisting. Unlike smaller cranes, these include an internal hydraulic system, which lifts heavier loads such as shipping containers and tractor-trailers.  
  • Boom trucks with decks and trailers: These are versatile in capability with towing and travel facilities from one location to another.
  • Man baskets: It can be attached to cranes and trucks for various commercial and industrial work on site. 

We’ve served a diverse range of customers, from construction companies and first responders to arborists and even film production companies. The capacity of equipment for rent ranges from 8.5 to 9.0 tons, while the height goes up to 202 feet. We also offer an array of attachments and accessories for you to choose from.

Benefits of Renting Cranes & Boom Trucks

When it comes to choosing the right cranes for your construction business, rental services provide you with that option. With crane rentals, you have the flexibility to choose equipment that suits your needs. Other benefits of renting cranes are:

  • Access to modern and specialty cranes
  • Save storage and transportation costs
  • Zero maintenance charges
  • Save capital expenditure and service costs
  • Ensure project site safety


Choose the Right Crane & Boom Truck

You can consider some of the following tips in order to choose the right crane:

  • Always check the load weight or limit.
  • Always be aware of the lift height.
  • Always keep in mind the horizontal distance.
  • Always evaluate the on-site terrain.
  • Always evaluate the access to the project site.
  • Always check for possible safety issues in advance.

Consult our experts before renting the right crane for your job.


Do’s & Don’ts for Using Cranes

You need to keep specific measures in mind to prevent any accidents while using a crane. Our experienced experts have curated several do’s and don’ts, which can be followed:



  • Do know about the limits or capacity of the crane you are using on the premises.
  • Do have trained crane operators running your crane while on-site.
  • Do have designated signallers to communicate with the crane operator via signals.
  • Do have a communication means between the workers on-floor/ground and crane operator.
  • Do educate foreman and supervisor in crane safety and operations.


  • Don’t lift or carry loads even if they are slightly over the crane limit.
  • Don’t let inexperienced workers operate the crane, to avoid accidents.
  • Don’t arrange for hand-signal communications with the crane operator.
  • Don’t use cranes to ride unless otherwise instructed.
  • Don’t let the worker on the man-basket attached without proper precautions.


Why Choose Us?

MN Truck & Crane Service Ltd. has been providing equipment rental services in Calgary and the surrounding areas for more than three decades. We’ve served residential and commercial as well as industrial and construction industry clients.


Our company doesn’t cut corners. We have a reputation for upholding strict safety standards, and all our employees are certified journeymen or qualified and registered apprentices. This adherence to safety doesn’t come at the expense of efficient service and competitive rates, however!

Looking for Affordable Crane Rental Services in Calgary?

Take advantage of our 30+ years of experience, and get the right equipment for every job.

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