The Advantages of Using Mobile Cranes

Look across the skyline of any bustling city and you’ll see tower cranes peppering the horizon as skyscrapers sprout up everywhere. But for most other building projects including bridges, high-rise commercial and residential buildings, airports, roadways and railways, there is a far better solution: mobile cranes.

Let’s take a look at 6 significant advantages of having a mobile crane on your jobsite:

  1. Space. Let’s face it; most of today’s work and construction sites are pretty tight for space. In most urban settings, space is a luxury and most sites don’t have the room required to erect tower cranes. Mobile cranes can be maneuvered into tight areas for single or long-term use and need very little room to be stabilized.
  2. Quick and easy. Set-up time for a mobile crane is very quick compared to a tower crane. And if there is a place where “time is money,” it’s surely a construction site! For the long haul or quick lifts, a mobile crane is your answer.
  3. Speaking of time is money… a mobile crane on a work site will drastically reduce your downtime! The manpower and equipment that would otherwise be wasted moving heavy things up and around can be deployed elsewhere.
  4. Power. Don’t let size fool you! Mobile cranes can, in fact, lift as much as the larger and more cumbersome tower cranes. Whatever your lifting and moving needs are on a worksite, chances are pretty good a mobile crane can do it. The advanced technology of mobile cranes allows them to accomplish herculean lifting and moving tasks with incredible ease.
  5. Safety. Mobile cranes make job sites much safer. There is no number of things that can go wrong when you have to move heavy objects to great heights or around a work site and you don’t have a mobile crane to do it. Machinery that is not designed for it breaks, and workers are injured. Lifting and moving heavy material is what mobile cranes are designed to do! Cutting corners in this regard by using jerry-rigged set-ups, non-specific equipment and overwhelmed manpower is courting disaster.
  6. Accessibility. Another advantage of mobile cranes is their ability to get to and function in remote locations. And power sources are never a problem! Depending on the site-specific characteristics, mobile cranes can operate on gas, battery, electricity or fuel.

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