Boom Trucks

The Advantages of Renting Boom Trucks

No two construction jobs are exactly the same. However, while there’s a wide selection of specialized machinery available, boom truck rental is often the best option. This is because boom trucks are highly versatile and less expensive to rent than more specialized equipment. Here’s how they compare.


A boom truck is simply a carrier truck equipped with a telescopic boom, which can be used to perform a variety of hoists. While a boom truck’s lifting capacity will depend on the manufacturer’s listed capacity as well as the total length of the of the boom itself, most of them will be able to perform basic lifts. 

In fact, many construction applications are considered to be relatively small lifts. For instance, lifting a commercial air conditioning unit on top of a two-storey building is usually well within the capabilities of a basic boom truck. Renting a crane for such an application would be overkill, not to mention a lot pricier. In addition, a boom truck will travel faster, be easier to set up and more flexible than a crane.

Flatbed Truck

Construction jobs require you to transport materials to the site. This material is often heavy, requiring machinery to get it off the truck afterwards. Depending on the size of the item, a boom truck can be used as both a crane and as transport for it, combining the functionality of two pieces of machinery that would normally need to be rented separately. Again, the commercial air conditioning unit example applies. These are generally small enough to be transported on a boom truck, which can then unload it.

Personnel Lift

One of the most common applications for boom trucks involves equipping them with a personnel basket in order to hoist workers. Boom trucks provide the same functionality as dedicated manlifts except they can also be used for a host of other tasks around construction sites. In addition, there’s no need to rent separate transport for the manlifts. If your job requires hoisting both materials and personnel, then a boom truck is a much more economical option.

Boom and Picker Truck Rental in Calgary

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