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Factors to Consider When Renting a Crane

Getting the job done right depends on having the proper tools; this holds true, no matter how big or small it is. Cranes play an important role in construction projects as a lot of lifting and hauling is usually involved in such ventures. Choosing the right one for your project is vital to ensure the operations remain safe and effective.

MN Truck & Crane Service Ltd. has been helping customers in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors for over 30 years. Our equipment is from the most reliable manufacturers in the industry and we make sure that all our equipment is well-maintained. You can always count on us to get the job done right.

Some of the factors you might want to consider when renting our cranes in Calgary include

  • The Load Being Lifted

Loads may be balanced in unusual ways and they shift at random intervals. It is essential to determine the materials inside and the method of containing them. A trailer full of tightly packed solid objects will have different movement characteristics than the one having a liquid substance.

  • The Case of Special Rigging

Rigging is equipment such as turnbuckles, wire rope, jacks and clevis used with cranes for structural relocation and material handling. The operator must be completely aware of how the crane works and its maximum load limit. Different kinds of loads require different rigging configurations. This can be basket hitching, choker hitching and vertical hitching.

  • The Height the Load is to be Lifted to

This will determine the kind of boom that is required. The amount of counterweight required to lift loads to increasing heights needs to be analyzed differently than when the height is lower.

  • Distance from the Load to the Crane

The stability of the boom, the support structure and the counterweight are all affected by the distance from the origin point of the load to the base of the crane and will determine what kind of crane you will need. The rated weight also varies based on the distance from the crane’s base to the end of the boom. Our Crane operators are experienced and use precise instruments to ensure the loads all loads are lifted safely.

  • The Kind of Terrain

The ground conditions on the access route and where the lift will take place should be considered. It’s crucial to carefully set up the maximum axle load the terrain can support and select a crane that’s suitable this will ensure that the ground condition of the site is stable so the crane’s support legs do not shift under the load.

  • The Obstacles That Have to Be Faced

There are several elements that could pose a hazard to getting a crane on site. This includes buildings, workmen or even power lines. It is necessary to maintain a distance of at least 10 feet away from powerlines less than 50kV. If the power line has a higher voltage, the minimum clearance distance should be increased. The weather also plays an important role here. It’s necessary to inform the crane contractors regarding

any kind of barriers so they can suggest the right equipment for the job.

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At MN Truck & Crane Service Ltd., we rent and operate various equipment such as mobile cranes, boom trucks, and flat deck trailers. Our Crane rentals range from 30 to 90 tons and heights of up to 202 feet. All our employees are certified journeymen or registered and qualified apprentices.

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