Crane Rental Services

Advantages of Crane Rentals V/S Buying Cranes

Choosing between renting and purchasing a crane can be tricky. It all depends on your budget and the frequency of usage. We recommend that you opt for crane rental services because the capital investment required for a purchase might put a lot of strain on your budget if you are running a small business. M N Truck & Crane Service Ltd has been servicing residential, commercial, and industrial clients for over 30 years. In this blog, we have noted a few advantages of crane rental services over purchasing a crane.

The benefits of crane renting services are:

  • Expenditure
    When you purchase a crane, the expenditure doesn’t end at the purchase; it extends throughout the ownership in the form of maintenance, storage, transportation and insurance costs. You would also have to invest in hiring and training operators and purchase insurance for their safety. Crane rental services eliminate all these costs. We take care of all the maintenance, transportation and other expenses and provide trained operators for an extra charge. And you are not tied to a depreciating asset.


  • Flexibility
    The main reason for purchasing a crane is to have indefinite access for continuous usage and to profit on it in the long run. However, because of the enormous capital investment needed to purchase a crane, it is not feasible to buy multiple variants unless used regularly. This restricts the range of projects you can undertake as a contractor. When you opt for crane rentals, you can access a wide variety of cranes with the latest features that you can switch between for different projects. You can also rent specialty cranes and customize the equipment according to the needs of the project. Crane rental services allow you to test the models before you rent them, which helps evaluate the features across different models. This will help your business presently and help you make an informed decision if you ever need to purchase a crane in the future.


  • Responsibility
    As a contractor, you have a lot of responsibilities; adding the hassle of ownership liabilities is unnecessary when there is a more suitable alternative. Crane rental services allow you to arrive at the site and oversee the proceedings without worrying about all this. You are only liable for the work happening in the project and nothing more. If the crane breaks down in the middle of the job, you do not have to repair it. You can call in for a replacement and get right back to the job. If the operator is injured during the job, he’s covered by the rental company.

Crane rental services allow you to use all the benefits of owning a crane without any of the burdens that come with it. Count on M N Truck & Crane Service Ltd for any crane rental services in Calgary. We also offer mobile cranes, man baskets, boom trucks, attachments and accessories. Read our blog to learn the factors to consider when renting a crane.

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