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6 Golden Tips To Get The Most From Crane Rental in Calgary

There is a lot to consider when budgeting for a construction project. From contingency allowances to insurance, you have to account for every detail of the job. Finding a crane rental can be a difficult job when it comes to big construction projects. With many options, it can be hard to navigate all the pros and cons of each crane rental agency. If you've run into this problem, don't fret. Keep reading for 6 tips on crane rental Calgary construction teams need to know before renting.


1. Crane Rental Calgary: Know Which Crane You Need


The most important nugget of knowledge to take with you when renting a crane is knowing exactly what type of crane you'll need for the job. With many different options, it can be hard to determine which crane will best serve your needs. There are 12 different types of cranes, all used for very specific jobs. Some can be mounted to vehicles, some can be used on all types of terrain, and some can even float in water. Using the wrong crane can cause damage to the crane itself, and it can even put your employees at risk of serious injury.


2. Size Matters


Once you know which type of crane you'll need, it's time to consider the load you'll be lifting. The same type of crane can vary in lift capacity. For instance, all-terrain cranes can lift anywhere from 30 tons to 300 tons, depending on the model you choose. Be sure you know the maximum amount of tons you'll need to lift before deciding on a crane. This will ensure a safe and efficient job.


3. Get the Right Permits


Depending on where your construction site is, you may need a variety of different permits to legally carry out your project. For instance, if you block a street with a crane or crane truck rental in Calgary, you'll need a permit to do so. You may need to move utility wires or drive the crane on a public road, which might also require permits. Make sure you know exactly what you need to do to use the crane, so you can acquire the correct permits.


4. Bargain Hunting


Once you've defined the logistics, it's time to worry about your crane rental cost. Compare the prices of many different crane rental agencies in your area. It's wise to make a list of the types of cranes you'll need, and each rental company's best price.


5. Quality Over Price


While a bargain on crane rental can be great, you don't want to compromise the quality of your job. A good rental company should have a lot of cranes to choose from. Make sure the company is insured and is certified to rent out cranes in your area. Lastly, make sure the company is willing to work with you. The last thing you need is a difficult company slowing down your project.


6. Put It in Writing


The last tip may be the most important one. Make sure your agreements with the company are written down. Having a written contract will prevent the company from flaking out at the last second. This will protect you from losing money, time, and even employees due to complications.


Attain Your Crane

Now you know all the tips for crane rental Calgary construction crews need to know. All that's left is to make your decision and get renting. Visit our website to get a free estimate today. MN Truck & Crane Service will be happy to help with all of your crane rental needs.